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NFDI consortia

The following consortia were approved in the first two funding periods:

Consortia of the first funding period 2020:
  • NFDI4Culture - Consortium for Research Data on Tangible and Intangible Cultural Assets (Humanities).

  • KonsortSWD - Consortium for the Social, Educational, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (Social Sciences)

  • GHGA - German Human Genome Phenome Archive (Medicine)

  • NFDI4Health - National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data (Medicine)

  • DataPLANT - Data in Plant Basic Research (Biology)

  • NFDI4BioDiversity - Biodiversity, Ecology and Environmental Data (Biology)

  • NFDI4Cat - NFDI for sciences related to catalysis (chemistry)

  • NFDI4Chem - Chemistry Consortium in the NFDI (Chemistry)

  • NFDI4Ing - National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering (Engineering Sciences)


NFDI consortia of the second funding period 2021:
  • BERD@NFDI Consortium for Business Sciences (Humanities and Social Sciences).

  • DAPHNE Consortium for Photon and Neutron Experiments (Chemistry and Physics)

  • FAIRMat Consortium for Condensed Matter Physics and Chemical Physics of Solids (Chemistry and Physics)

  • MaRDI consortium for mathematics (engineering and mathematics)

  • NFDI4DataScience consortium for data science and artificial intelligence (engineering and mathematics)

  • NFDI4Earth Consortium for Earth System Science (life sciences)

  • NFDI4Microbiota Consortium for Microbiology (Life Sciences)

  • NFDI-MatWerk consortium for materials science and engineering (engineering and mathematics)

  • PUNCH4NFDI Consortium of particle, astroparticle, hadron and nuclear physics (chemistry and physics)

  • Text+ consortium for language and text data (humanities and social sciences)


NFDI consortia of the third funding period 2022:
  • FAIRagro: FAIR data infrastructure for agrosystems research.

  • NFDI4BIOIMAGE: National Research Data Infrastructure for Microscopy and Image Analysis

  • NFDI4Energy: National Research Data Infrastructure for interdisciplinary energy systems research

  • NFDI4Immuno: National Research Data Infrastructure for Immunology

  • NFDI4Memory: consortium for historical humanities research

  • NFDI4Objects: research data infrastructure for the material legacies of human history

  • NFDIxCS: National Research Data Infrastructure for and with Computer Science

  • Base4NFDI: Base service consortium that aims to provide technical/organizational solutions such as storage, computing, software, processes and workflows, and services to all consortia.

If you are already actively involved in an NFDI consortium or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us and send us an email.