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Research Data Management

Modern research data management (RDM) encompasses all methods, practices, software and hardware that ensure the sustainable availability of research data. Data can remain private or be shared with researchers or entire scientific communities. RDM solutions are subject-specific and individual.

The Research Data Service of TU Dortmund University supports researchers of all faculties in handling their research data. From organization, structuring and documentation to storage, publication and long-term availability of your data - we are happy to help.

Why research data management?

Responsible research data management arises from good scientific practice in all research disciplines. The enormous growth of digital data places new demands on the management of research data. RDM is the basis for the subsequent use of data in the course of one's own research or for sharing with others. In addition, a well thought-out RDM concept is increasingly a prerequisite for obtaining third-party funding.

RDM at TU Dortmund

The TU Dortmund University has adopted central principles of research data management. To support researchers in the implementation, a central research data service and a portfolio of technical solutions have been established. The offer includes resources and individual advice on

  • local RDM and appropriate data curation,
  • research and use of appropriate repositories,
  • the creation of data management plans,
  • Data publication strategies.

Services and contact persons

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on the topic of research data management. You can reach us via the central e-mail address of the Research Data Service; detailed informations can be found on the contact-page. 

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