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Facilitating research data management

Technical support

TU Dortmund University aims to make research data management as easy as possible for its researchers. The IT and Media Centre (ITMC) provides technical solutions for implementing the concepts and components of research data management, especially for collaborative work, the documentation of research, and the publication of research data. If you need further support, please contact the Research Data Service.

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In TU Dortmund University's data repository (tudodata), researchers can securely store, archive and publish their research data. Through tudodata, the datasets receive a persistent identifier (DOI), the research data is enriched with metadata and published data is available Open Access.

Coscine is a research data management platform for your research projects. Here your data is stored FAIR, described with metadata, shared, and archived. 


In order to collect and structure information in a research project and make it centrally accessible, TU Dortmund University provides the tool Confluence. Confluence follows a wiki structure in which you can jointly edit documents, store related files and make them searchable. Guest accounts can be set up for cooperation partners who do not belong to TU Dortmund University.

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Sciebo is a free cloud service for all researchers in NRW. The WWU Münster operates the infrastructure and the Ministry of Culture and Sciences of the State of NRW supports the operation through the Digital University NRW. Each researcher has access to 30 GB of storage space for sharing data and collaboratively creating and filing documents. The service is free for all members of NRW universities. Non-members of NRW universities have the possibility to apply for a guest account. Also, for larger projects you can apply for so-called project boxes with up to 2 TB storage space.

Further information about Sciebo

For collaborations with many participants outside NRW, the service B2DROP is a good choice. B2DROP is a free cloud service for the secure sharing of research data. It is part of the European Open Science Cloud and is not operated by TU Dortmund University. However, you can log in to the service with your TU Dortmund University account.

Further information about B2DROP

The Research Data Management Organizer (RDMO) is a web tool for the collaborative creation of data management plans. With the help of a questionnaire, it highlights all the important aspects of handling your research data within a research project. As part of a MERCUR.Admin project, the universities of the University-Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr)  have launched a joint instance of RDMO. The service is available to all members of the UA Ruhr universities as well as external collaboration partners. You can login via ORCID.

RDMO instance of the UA Ruhr

Using GitLab, you can jointly develop, version and deploy software. In addition, you can also use the tool for joint project management. Using your TU Dortmund University account, you can use the service without generating new login data. We will gladly explain how to use GitLab for your purpose. GitLab

Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) allow researchers to document the research process digitally. This means that the research data and its documentation are directly available digitally and can be allocated to each other. A major advantage of ELNs is the ability to easily search for information and thus find it quickly. In addition, information and protocols can be easily shared with colleagues. Due to a predefined documentation structure and the elimination of handwriting, it is easier to reconstruct information even years later compared to the analog counterparts.

At the faculties "Chemistry and Chemical Biology" and "Bio- and Chemical Engineering" of the TU Dortmund University the electronic laboratory book SciFormation is available.  On the following page you can get more information about Sciformation: Sciformation.

An open electronic laboratory book developed by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is Chemotion. Chemotion is supported by NFDI4Chem; see the following page for more information: Chemotion.

In contrast to the above mentioned labbooks, elabFTW is a generic lab book. elabFTW is an open source project with an open demo instance: demo instance of elabFTW.

If you are interested in using an electronic lab book, please feel free to contact us and send us an email.

Eldorado is the institutional repository of TU Dortmund University. Here, resources from and for research, teaching and studiying in Dortmund are stored, made accessible and available to the public. Eldorado is an open access repository, which means that all publications are publicly visible. A persistent identifier in the form of a DOI is reserved and assigned to each publication.

Click here for the Eldorado repository

The Research Data Storage (Forschungsdatenspeicher, FDS) is a designated repository for storing and archiving research data. If you need storage for your research data, please feel free to contact us by email.

Services and contact persons

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate technical solution for your personal research projects. You can reach us via our central e-mail address; detailed informations can be found on the contact-page. 

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